My Milwaukee Adventure
Photo Credit: Amanda Vick Creative

Hi there! I’m Robin. I’m a pretty typical thirty-something mom. Marketing geek by day. Mom by night. Lover of MKE.

Born and raised in the Milwaukee suburbs, I’ve been exploring Milwaukee and everything it has to offer for decades. I stuck around the area for college at UW-Milwaukee and then spent four years living in Shorewood with my now husband Chris. We moved to Wauwatosa in 2013 and absolutely love it. We live up in the north west corner of Tosa (fun fact: it’s often called the scorpion’s tail of Tosa) in a fabulous neighborhood called Tosa Heights. I was recently (Fall 2017) elected as the president of the neighborhood association and love being actively involved in making our neighborhood a better place to live.

In 2015 we had our son, Noah. He’s the perfect little human – fun, athletic, silly, charismatic and the perfect amount of crazy. He recently started pre-school at Aemilian Preschool and is absolutely loving every moment of it. I’ll share some of those adventures along the way.

If there’s one thing we absolutely love, it is having an adventure! In our house, we call weekends our adventure days! We’re often asked by family and friends what kind of fun things are going on around town or what places are good lately. We always love to check out the local events, new restaurants and explore around town.

I’ve considered taking the plunge and starting a blog since Noah was born. There has always been an excuse for not doing it – you know, finding time with an infant. Let’s be real – there’s never time for anything! I’ve finally decided – why not!? In 2017, I took the plunge into blogging and sharing our experiences around Milwaukee and haven’t looked back. I love sharing our adventures and giving Milwaukee parents a resource to activities and adventures for kids and parents.

My goal for this blog is to make other Milwaukee parents’ lives a little bit easier by sharing our experiences and the tips & tricks that we find along the way – and lots of photos. Whenever I am researching new adventures I always find it super helpful to be able to see {non-staged} photos of different places. Our goal is to document our adventures and share our experiences and adventures.

A few of our favorite things include the zoo, Hoyt park, beer gardens, biking to the farmer’s market and brunch. We LOVE brunch (and might be guilty of going out every weekend, sometimes twice).

You can also find some of my other blogs and parenting perspectives as a contributor over on Milwaukee Moms Blog.

If you ever have a question about my blog, suggestion for somewhere we should check out or just want to chat, send me an email at I love meeting new parents and neighbors!