As a newbie to this teacher gifts thing, naturally the first place I went to get ideas was…Pinterest. I’m certainly not a DIY or crafter by any means so I am on the hunt for something super easy but is also clever, adorable, practical and Noah’s teachers will love. I would imagine that I’m not alone on this one and thought it would be helpful to pull together some ideas to make everyone’s lives & Pinterest searching a little bit easier.

Here’s a few of my top picks that cover all of my must-haves:

  • Succulent Plant

How cute is this DIY plant from Live Randomly Simple DIY? She shared this as a Teacher Appreciation Day gift (which is also an awesome idea!), but I love it for a holiday gift. The message about helping grow throughout the school year is perfect as a mid-year gift. And succulents are uber-popular right now. I just read an article that actually lists succulents as one of the top 10 gifts that teens actually want.

DIY Succulent Teacher Gift


  • Soap Dispenser

The very first thing Noah learned to do when he started school was to wash his hands all by himself. I know that sounds crazy, but for a two year old that is a big deal. It’s something that has been important for him and his classmates to learn and the teachers at school do such a great job with it. So, this soap dispenser idea from Eighteen25 is very fitting for us.

  • Thanks A Latte Gift Card Cup

Starbucks gift cards and cups has been my go-to gift for co-workers for years so this Thanks A Latte idea from Just Add Confetti is an obvious choice for me. However, I have no idea if Noah’s teachers actually drink coffee. When my mom was a teacher she always got Starbucks gift cards and because she doesn’t drink coffee she always gave them to me. Well, great for me, but not so much for her. Probably not right for this occasion, but still adorable and a great idea for the teacher who loves coffee or tea.

  • Custom Wine

It’s no surprise to anyone that follows Scary Mommy to see this as a perfect gift idea she would recommend. It isn’t really something we would ever do, but it is pretty hilarious…maybe when he’s 12 we’ll have to bring this back…

  • Personalized Notepads

For the last couple years a dear friend and co-worker has been getting me these adorable little personalized notepads every year. They are beyond practical – and the perfect desk accessory. There are lots of different options where you purchase them – including these adorable ones from CurioPress on Etsy.

There you have it – a few excellent options for the perfect gift for your kiddos teacher this year. Hopefully that saves you a little time exploring Pinterest on your own. Happy Holidays!