Have you heard about the new pizza place in Brookfield at The Corners of Brookfield? It’s Grimaldi’s Coal Brick-Oven Pizzeria. Grimaldi’s is a brick-oven pizzeria that serves fresh hand tossed dough made fresh in-house daily. They are well-known for their 100 years of history in Brooklyn.

I’ve been wanting to check them out since I heard they were opening their first location in Wisconsin in my own backyard – over at The Corners of Brookfield shopping center. Last Friday we gave it a try.

We got there at 4:45 because when you are going out to dinner with a toddler the last thing that you want to do is wait for a table. Anytime we go out to eat – particularly on a weekend – we always try and go before the dinner crowd. Chris always jokes we should get the senior citizen discount. Ha.

It was surprisingly more crowded at 4:45 than I thought it would be but there were still a slew of open tables. They only have a handful of booths in the restaurant but we were lucky enough to get the last one. Tip: when you’re out with a toddler, always request a booth. This is one thing I wish I would have learned sooner.

The atmosphere in the restaurant was pretty nice, but I would not call it little kid-friendly IMO – unfortunately. All of the tables are set with wine glasses all around and it’s pretty dark. It would be great for older kids or teens, though.

The menu includes build-your-own pizza options, traditional pizzas or chef specials. All of the chef specials also include a recommendation for a paired wine. We went with a chef special: The Quattro Formaggi (with sausage) paired with the Louis Martini Cabernet Sauvignon.

When it comes to pizza I like a very cheesy, very thin crust pizza. I think it’s helpful to have that background before I tell you that I thought that their pizza was fantastic! The brick-oven cooking method made the perfect crisp crust. The one thing to note was that when we brought home our leftovers it did not re-heat well – even in the oven. I’d recommend you only order when you are going to eat there and not plan for leftovers.

When we left about 6 there was a short line out the door. Not too bad, but definitely a wait. Probably about 10-15 minutes or so.

One last tip – before you go make sure you check out their website and sign up for their email list. They will send you a $5 coupon on your first visit.

Location: The Corners of Brookfield – 20119 Lord Street, Brookfield, WI 53045
Price range: 2/5
Kid friendly: Okay for toddlers, better for older kids