We signed Noah up for his first tumbling class through the Tosa Rec Department when he was just 18 months old. The main reason we chose the Kidnastics tumbling classes were because they are held on weeknights and Saturday mornings. Finding kid/parent classes for a toddler that are at night or on the weekend is very¬†difficult. Toddler classes of any kind are definitely not designed for working parents (which is so silly and I definitely have feelings about but that’s a future blog post). When I found the Kidnastic classes from the Tosa Rec. Department I was so happy I could finally sign up for a class with Noah!

The tumbling classes through the Tosa Rec. Department are 6-week sessions and are offered year-round. They offer night classes or Saturday morning classes. We’ve done both night and Saturday mornings and there’s no difference between the two.

Fast forward three years later and we’re still taking the Kidnastic tumbling classes! We absolutely love them and I can’t say enough good things about them.

Kidnastics Tumbling Class

When the kiddos are little (under 2.5, I think), the classes are parent and kid classes and the parents join the kids in the class. You spend about 5-ish minutes doing each of the different activities throughout the class: stretching with songs, somersaults, balance beam, trampoline, bars and a tumbling obstacle course. Then you finish out the class with the parachute – which is always a favorite for kiddos this age!

Once you “graduate” up to the official Kidnastics class, the kiddos go into the class without a parent! I think this usually happens at 2.5 years old. I don’t really recall because Noah moved into the Kidnastics class earlier than usual – because we did 4 sessions of the parent class in a row and he was ready (I told you we liked these classes).

In the Kidnastics class there are 4-5 teachers per class the kids spend a more time doing the activities. There are no bars and minimal balance beam in the Kidnastics class. I was bummed about that because Noah is really good at the balance beam, but it definitely allows them to spend more time learning the other basics.

The last week of the class is an open house and parents or family members can join and watch the kiddos do all of their activities.

Kidnastics Tumbling Class

We’ve since graduated up to the Advanced Kidnastics class. This level includes the same activities but now the kids are starting to do more and more of the activities without help from the teachers.

If you’re on the hunt for a fun tumbling class for toddlers, I’d highly recommend the Kidnastic classes through the Tosa Rec. Department. You won’t be disappointed!