Last week I was telling a good friend of mine that we managed to get tickets to the MKE Moms Blog Cookies with Santa Event. Her response: “What, how did you manage to get tickets?! That’s incredible.” Well, turns out when you log in the minute they go on sale, that’s the only way you get them! Talk about luck.

Knowing the speed at which the tickets for this event sold out, I had really high hopes that it was going to be absolutely amazing. And, it was. The MKE Moms Blog team really outdid themselves for this event – it was truly spectacular.

We got there just after 9AM when the event started and was so pleasantly surprised by the lack of a crowd. There were lots of open seats right at the front of the room Рdirectly next to the cookie decorating station. We grabbed ourselves some coloring pages, healthy snacks from Whole Foods (oranges and fruit sticks Рscore) and chit chatted with some friends while the boys colored.

The cookie station was perfect! They had the perfect variety of sprinkles but it wasn’t too overwhelming for a two year old. And, even better, they had ziplock baggies ready to go to take the cookies home. Because, let’s be real, no toddler needs that much cookie in one sitting.

Noah Cookie Decorating
Noah Cookie Decorating

Then, it was off to meet Santa. It was pure genius that they gave all of the families a 15-minute time slot to see Santa. We got in line right at the beginning of our time slot and there were only two families in front of us. We waited a grand total of about 2 minutes to see him. It was just enough time for Noah to watch a few other kids and to see that it wasn’t so scary to sit on Santa’s lap. It did help that he really wanted to tell Santa about the Paw Patrol Tower he is DYING to get for Christmas.

Overall, I could not have asked for a better experience! Noah jumped right up, talked to him and smiled for a few pictures (kind of).

Noah & Santa
Noah & Santa

Next up were the princesses…if there’s one thing you should know about Noah, it is that he loves girly things. His favorite color is pink and his favorite pup is Skye. So, it should come as no surprise that he was just as excited to meet the Disney princesses from Fairytale Birthday Co. as any other little girl in the room. He spent a good three minutes on the floor talking to the princess and then gave her a big hug! Sweetest thing ever.

Last we spent some time wandering around the activity room where there were a slew of different vendors with crafts, coloring pages and fun little activities for the kids. Noah made his rounds, but with his 2-year old attention span for craft activities, it didn’t take too long to make it through pretty quick. I’d imagine some of the big kids spent hours in this room doing crafts and playing games.

Oh – I almost forgot the DJ. Before we left we spent a little bit of time hanging out in the lobby where they had the Kid Boogie Down DJ – who had a bubble machine. Noah got a little dancing in and LOVED playing in the bubbles. In fact, he told me later in the day that the bubble machine was his favorite part.

Noah's Bubble Boogie
Noah’s Bubble Boogie

Overall, this event could not have been a more organized, family-friendly event for the holidays. It was really unfortunate that the tickets sold out in less than two minutes, but I’m sure happy they did. It was truly the perfect amount of people in the space and it was an amazing time. Thanks again MKE Moms blog. We’re looking forward to (hopefully!) checking it out again next year.